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Our Spotlight Products


This painting depicts one of the stations of the cross; Jesus' last hours on Earth before his resurrection. This was purchased from a Church in Halifax. The dimensions of this painting are: w- 28" x h-37".


Stadium Seats

These seats originate from Manchester City's old football stadium on Maine Road. They have since been refurbished using artificial turf to ensure a strong aesthetic and the best quality product for any buyer. These are a must for collectors and football fans alike.

Chalk & Mineral Paints

These paints are of exceptional quality, offering great coverage and outstanding adhesion. The mineral paints can be applied directly onto most surfaces, without the need for primer before application. In addition to this, the paints do not have to be waxed or sealed following application and remain scuff-resistant and moisture-proof. Our trust in these products is also so great that we use them to provide a refurbishing service for our customers.


American Cash Register

This antique cash register originates from Ohio, USA in the early 1900s. Despite its age, it remains in tremendous condition, still completely functional and with a beautiful metallic finish.

Bible and Stand

This family Bible once belonged to the Makinson family, consisting of Nicholas, Faith and their 5 children, who lived in Blackrod from the early 1880s onwards. In addition to this, the Bible itself was condensed and edited by Reverend John Eadie, a professor of biblical literature.


Children's School Chairs

These vintage school chairs date back to approximately 1960. Left in their original state for complete authenticity.

Hat Stand

This vintage hat stand originates from France. It has been left in its original state to remain completely authentic. This item is also multi-purpose as it can be used as a coat-hanger, on top of this.


Cocktail Bar

This cocktail bar is perfect for both personal and company use. It can be placed in either a bar, as a means of storage, or even in your dining room, as a way of entertaining guests, or simply for decoration. This product is of a excellent quality and offers a beautiful retro aesthetic.

Retro TV

This beautiful television set emanates from the 1970s. Although it can still turn on and off, it unfortunately cannot pick up any channels anymore. However, it can still act as a retro, decorative piece for either your home or possibly even a showroom. This is a must-have for technology lovers and those fascinated by the evolution of electronics.



This anchor was purchased from Dartmouth. Devon. The lack of refurbishment offers an authentic and rustic look. This product would be perfect for anyone interested in the nautical aesthetic.


At HJ Collectables, we offer a wide range of vintage signs. The ones pictured beside are old railway signs, of which we have five unique ones available. However, we also have a variety of retro and vintage store signs, often used for advertising, such as Will's Gold Flake Cigarettes.

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