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How the Store Began

The origins of our antiquing business

To begin with, our owner only had his joinery business, now called SHJ Building Services. Whilst working a job for a care home in Scunthorpe, he was asked to design and create a 1940s living room scene for the residents. This began his interest in the old-fashioned and antique.

After this, he continued to pursue his love of antiques by refurbishing old furniture and reselling them. However, at the time, this was only an extension of his joinery business.

Over time, his collection grew in both size and variety, which allowed him to open the antiques store and continue antiquing as a separate business.

We now offer a wide range of antiquities and highly collectable items in-store, such as: garden furniture, pub memorabilia, antique books, vintage posters and many more.

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